Saturday, February 4, 2012

super sunday

*warning this is a football post- no pretty design this time. 

Love me or leave me but I'm a sporty girl through and through. While I was born a Michigan girl I grew up in Indianapolis from age 2 on and we now live about 25 minutes outside the city. Basketball and racing have always been huge here and since Peyton Manning came along when I was in high school football has too. This city has been preparing to host the Super Bowl for the past few years and now that the time has come I can honestly say I didn't fully understand the magnitude of it until now. The past week around town has been insane. Everything from constant star sightings and photo updates from friends on facebook, to the Jimmy Fallon show taping all week here to random fun flash mobs- the energy has been amazing and so fun to be part of! This is Indiana folks- it's been totally surreal. You better believe if I weren't 35 weeks pregnant I'd be out hunting down Ryan Gosling and John Hamm too! 

At any rate I'm just so proud to be a Hoosier and I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Super Bowl Sunday!!!


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  1. See, I didn't even know about John Hamm! It was a super Sunday, wasn't it? I'm glad you got to enjoy it with your honey!