Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my millinery masterpiece!

I think after tonight's exploration into the fine world of millinery I'm officially hooked. I just cut out a cardboard circle for the base and cut a slit to the center of it to make a small cone then covered it with some black felt and went to town with the white tulle. Once I had it formed the way I wanted I hot glued it in place and added a few silk flowers I made a while back. It's secured with a few bobby pins. The whole hat was made with what I had on hand which was a fun challenge and I had blast making it. I'm all set for Friday morning. (yes it totally matches my fancy p.j.'s)


so sweet

Hey girls! I hope you had a nice Wednesday, I ran across this sweet image earlier and I just wanted to share it real quick with you. A sweet way to close your day! I'm off to craft my "hat" for the wedding ; )

*via tumblr

the details

You can bet I will be on extreme hat watching duty come Friday morning. It's like a pandoras box of good and bad just waiting to be pounced on by the fashion police and I love it! I think the crazy insane hat tradition is a really fun one- let the creativity flow!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

classic kelly

The sun is finally shining outside for now and I've got renewed motivation to get lots done today. I'm so excited for my ex-boyfriends wedding this Friday. Wills and I are only a few months apart in age and I always figured we'd be taking the plunge someday but alas thank goodness that didn't happen because I'm quite smitten with my hubby. 

OK enough pretend talk- I did finally watch the Kings Speech last night and I wasn't disappointed- it was wonderful! I'm often reluctant to watch films that have so much hype around them but this film certainly delivered everything it promised. It's part of the royal wedding week bonanza in the Arkanoff household where we've taken up speaking with wannabe English accents, we're watching British films- even the Disney Channel is doing a Royal Wedding themed week so Lucy doesn't feel left out. 

Hands down though my favorite princess to date was Grace Kelly. Maybe it was because she was American and that gave every little girl and woman over here something to romanticize over or maybe because she was just so beautiful. Even after all these years she still looks stylish and classic in her wedding photos. 

well I'm off, cheerio! 


Saturday, April 23, 2011

easter blessings

The rain has stopped (for now) here in the Midwest so hopefully we'll sneak in an Easter Egg hunt. The baskets from the bunny are ready, the carrot cake is cooling and I'm getting ready for a much needed hair color appointment before church tonight. We're so excited and blessed to be in our new home this year so we are able to host family brunch tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend with your families and I'll see ya Monday!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

hold the phone...

deep breath...


hold it 1..2.....3..........

and exhale.........................

I've been a little scarce this week. Real life has taken over with all of the Easter Holiday craziness, not to mention we're in the middle of gathering quotes this week for a new fence and I began my tennis class today (so fun by the way!). It's time to slow down though and regain some perspective. I beat myself up too much on the days I run out of time and don't post and I really shouldn't. I figured you guys would rather have quality over quantity right? I did visit my friend Daisy over at Sunny Room Studios where I guest posted about children and art. You can read all about it here



Monday, April 18, 2011

let's be friends

We want to be friends! I'm sure these furry kitty's are reason enough but also so you can stay updated on all of our promotions and new inventory.

Arkanoff Design Co. is now on Facebook so be a dear and "like" us here:


hopping in

Just hoppin' in for moment to say hi and wish everyone a beautiful Monday. I'm a little distracted at the moment with the husband out of town for the day so excuse my absence and lack of super thrilling post. But seriously how yummy is this kitchen?


Thursday, April 14, 2011

a birthday flower pot tutorial

Lucy's grandma is having a birthday this weekend so we thought we'd make her something special. We grabbed a flower pot from the store and a pretty new succulent from the Indianapolis Museum of Art's green house. 

 next grab a few supplies

 i used liquid stitch to tack the bakers string around {it doesn't need to be completely super secured, you'll take care of that later with the mod podge step}

 i cut my bunting flags using 1'' strips of fabric

and then tacked them on with the liquid stitch

 then tape off your pot under the lip and brush on the mod podge

i went around 3 times with the brush

 next i stamped "happy birthday" on a little pennant flag 

and folded it over and attached it to a skewer using more liquid stitch


I think grandma will love it! You could really use it for any reason to celebrate and change out the flags to say "Spring!" or "Happy Easter" or "Happy Mothers Day" you get the idea. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AD May 2011

I just got my new May Architectural Digest in the mail today and it had me at the cover. Hello, lavender!

I'm loving the Louis Benech q&a. Those gardens are to die for!

I'll be back later with a new tutorial- toodles! 


Monday, April 11, 2011

easter partayy

Word on the street is Censational Girl is having an Easter inspiration party so I decided to post some shots I took around the house of our Easter swag. The family and I spent a long beautiful weekend outside in enjoying the *80* degree weather. We hit the zoo some parks and skipped lunch in favor of Cold Stone. It was heavenly. Last night was spent packing up several orders for Arkanoff Design Co. and finishing off some custom pillow covers. Now it's a rainy Monday morning and I'm a little grateful for the slowdown. Hope you all are off to a great week!

 Of course Lucy's room had to get in on the action. I found that sweet ballerina bunny at HomeGoods.

weekend fun