Thursday, February 9, 2012

pinsperation thursday

Welcome to "Pinsperation Thursday!" Every day I question how I survived without Pinterest in my life until last summer? I wish I could get a do over in college just so I could have this amazing website at my disposal for inspiration. It get's my creative juices  flowing every morning and brings out the artist in me that seemed dormant for a couple of years. It makes me want to pick up a paint brush or break out a glue gun. SO with all that praise said I know it's been a while since we've had a Pinsperation Thursday but I think I'll bring it back for now every week. Hope you enjoy what's been inspiring me lately!

This chippy blue buffet is just what I'd like so serve off of.

A sweet little blue felt crown- Lucy would love this!

I may need to take a cake decorating course in the future. It would be nice to learn how to replicate this sweet ruffle cake. 

This space has the perfect touch of warmth and contrast for me!

A welcoming entrance.

It's obvious that this kitchen is out of this world, that french blue stove is magnifique!

I really dig the lighting in this dining space and did you notice the skylight?!

Since college I've dreamed of having my own set of flat file drawers, these blue ones are perfection!

You can find these images and many more *here* on my pinterest page. 

Hope you have a beautiful Thursday!!!


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