Friday, February 17, 2012

pinsperation thursday on friday

It's Friday, I can't believe it! I'm also officially full term today with this sweet baby. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. It was like scary fast and a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. My first pregnancy was a breeze physically. I was fat, happy, and jolly. I sat behind a desk at my job all day and dreamed and planned for our first little one. This time I'm 20 lbs lighter than I was at this point with L- she is seriously the only work out routine anyone needs, this toddler never stops moving. Not that I'm complaining about the lack extra lbs this time but she tires me out. But on a more serious level I'm having awful problems with my sciatic nerve. The first time I had an episode was back around Thanksgiving. It took me by total surprise but thankfully it subsided for a while. Lately though it's come back fast and furious. Yesterday was by far the worst. I went to go put a movie in for Lucy when all of a sudden my right leg totally gave out and it was PAINFUL. I was literally "stuck" clinging to the buffet our television sits on for nearly 20 minutes. I didn't know what to do and Lucy just sort of stared at me. I finally got her to help bring me a chair that's on little caster wheels so I could wheel my way over to the couch with my good leg. It was both comical and awful all at the same time. I went to my regularly scheduled weekly ob visit and she gave a steroid to try so hopefully that will get me a little more "functional" as she put it. It was great to talk to her because she told me she once got "stuck" at her kitchen table. It made me feel better to talk to someone who got what I was going through. Anyways I hadn't really intended on sharing all that but I figure if I disappear for a bit you guys will know why. 

This weeks picks are little of this and a little of that. 

love this entry. it's tall, old, and oh so charming!

i've had this photo sitting on my desktop for months. i'm determined to replicate it for L this summer.

loving this blue wall color and grey tufted headboard for a teen room. so pretty.

oh that headboard and light blue blanket- perfect!

the farmhouse sink and silver bridge faucet i'll never get over, just so classic.

the perfect mudroom- although mine would have to have some baskets for storage.

the fridge of my dreams. i'm still trying to figure out why they make the freezers on standard models half the size of the fridge side? We have a side-by-side and I'd make way more meals ahead of time to freeze  if I had more room to put them. 

as always you can find the links to these and more right *here*

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!!! 


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  1. That is some lovely pinspiration Sarah! I love that fridge but I would make myself insane (and my family too) if I had one. We actually looked at one last year. I already get fussy just trying to get my family to keep ours semi organized. I mean how hard is it to put something back from the same place you got it in the fridge. I sound crazy don't I? I hope you are feeling MUCH better today.