Sunday, February 12, 2012

happy birthday sweet Lucy

Our sweet Lucy turned two yesterday and we had a little brunch in her honor to celebrate. It was wonderful being surrounded by all her family and friends and it was evident she soaked up and relished every minute of it. I really enjoy putting together these parties, they're like my love letters to her even if she doesn't remember them she'll always have the photos. So with that, get ready for one photo heavy post! Our working theme involved ballerinas and the colors blue and cream/white, silver and gold. 

I used my silhouette cameo to do all the ballerina themed cutouts and different banners.

The kids at the party each received a ball jar snow globe to take home. The girls got ballerinas and the boys, army men. 

The ballerina hanging garland was easy to make using a simple straight stitch on the sewing machine. 

I found the vintage birthday figurine on Ebay.

Singing Happy Birthday

The kids made and decorated paper crowns.

*36 weeks pregnant and smiling through pure exhaustion- I think I fell asleep on the couch at 9 pm last night- very early for me!

who doesn't love present time?

after we got home from dinner last night it was time to play with everything- all at once of course!

My favorite part was when she put her new Felicity doll from Grandma on her new pony from Mimi . Watching her imagination really starting to take off is exciting. Two will be a great year!

Happy Birthday Princess! You are very, very loved! 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

*note of course my mom and dad were both there but I know better than to  post pictures of my mom- she would kill me lol! 


  1. It all looks perfect! I'm so happy she had such a special birthday party. She is a lucky girl.

  2. You did an amazing job with everything!

  3. OMG! How precious! What a darling little soiree, and as always, she looked adorable!

    Great job on it!

  4. Ohhhh my gosh! Simply adorable!!! Hope you'll link this up at our new linky party! We feature our favorites each week! We're your newest followers and we'd love to have you link up and follow if you'd like!

    Mallory @ Classy Clutter

  5. What a beautiful party for a beautiful little girl. My baby girl turns 2 in June and you have totally inspired me! Did you make the invitations yourself? I adore them and would love to know how you did them.

  6. What a beautiful party for a beautiful little girl. My baby girl turns 2 in June and you have totally inspired me. I am in love with the invitations. Did you make them yourself? I would love to know how you did them.

    1. Hi Leslie! I did make the invitations myself. I made a simple layout on word- I think I fit two to a page on white card stock and then cut them out. I rounded the corners with a corner punch. Then I cut strips of gold tissue paper and folded them like an accordion and sewed them on with my sewing machine- just one simple straight stitch. They weren't all perfect but the beauty is in the imperfections right? Happy (early) Birthday to your sweet girl =)