Thursday, January 19, 2012

ruler growth chart

I had been really wanting to make one of these ruler growth charts for several months and we finally got around to it last weekend. I'm loving the way it turned out and it's the perfect addition to our hallway. 

I used my silhouette that I got for Christmas to cut out the numbers with card stock to use as stencils. The  lines and numbers are done with a sharpie which worked perfectly- no bleeding.

Finished and all hung up. We used the biggest anchors I've ever seen to secure it to the wall.

I transfered Lucy's height markings from the door frame in the playroom where we had been keeping track. I love the idea of if we ever move someday we can take it down and bring it with us. 

Special thanks to this guy for doing such a great job! 

Supplies we used:
1- 6 ft. board
walnut stain
wall anchors and screws
package of fine point sharpies
tape measurer

Message me if you have any questions on the specifics and I'd be happy to share them with you! 

Hope you have a beautiful day! How did we get to Thursday already?


  1. I am in love with this idea. All day at work I bribe myself to do stuff by getting to read one blog every time I mark something off my to do list. This one just made my day. Thanks, Sarah!

  2. It looks so great and props to your handy guy. Way to go Nick! I wish we had thought to do something portable like that for Emma. I had to transfer all of her measurements to a huge piece of paper and have yet to transfer them to her new doorway!

  3. That is such a great idea! I wish we had one of those. I never did it and now my baby is 12 years old : (

  4. I totally love this--it's such a great idea. A nice place to keep track of the growth and be able to take it with you.

  5. VERY cute! Yay for a handy hubby! It reminds me of the ones at Dear Lillie too. CUTE!

  6. This is gorgeous, I love it so much!! We've been keeping track of Max's height on the trunk of a tree decal that we have in his room. The decal is coming down soon so I've been trying to decide what do instead. This is perfect!!

  7. This is a great idea. Love that it can move with you!!

    Thanks for sharing at Simply Klassic Home!

  8. New follower from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.
    Just pinned your tutorial. I LOVE IT!!! Thanks!

  9. What a cute idea! Such a fun way to keep track of the kids growth! Thanks for linking up to Strut Your Stuff Saturday! We would love to have you back next Saturday and share more of your ideas! -The Sisters

  10. I also have a silhouette cameo. Would you recommend using vinyl for the numbers and lines? Thanks for sharing.

  11. Not sure if this went through, but I also have a silhouette cameo. Would you recommend using vinyl cutouts for the lines and numbers? My handwriting is horrible and my hand is not very steady. Thx.