Wednesday, January 4, 2012

play time

Watching Lucy grow up feels like one of my biggest privileges in life. She's almost two and every day we see more and more of her little personality shining through. We were at the playground inside the mall on Sunday and as Nick and I sat and watched her interact with the other little kids I couldn't have been prouder. I love that she's fearless and will run up to others and smile or share a toy. I also love that she'll fight for her turn on the slide if need be. She's not with out her toddler challenges but they only make her her to me. 

Some days I wish I could freeze time.

On some of her more "challenging" days we're counting down the minutes until bed time but it never fails that as soon as she's sleeping we joke about getting her up to play with her because we miss her already.

I can hardly wait to watch her be a big sister. That will be the next chapter- something I never had so I'm so excited for her. I love you Lucy!


  1. Aww.. she's so cute! And I do believe she's wearing a Dear Lillie shirt? I LOVE Dear Lillie!

  2. That is so sweet! I know that exact feeling you are talking about. I hope you and L have a lovely day today!