Monday, January 16, 2012

the ruffled nest wreath

I started itching to make a new wreath for our entry over the weekend. I used a straw form to start and wrapped it in a linen blend fabric. Next I ripped a couple of strips of the same fabric and ruffled them using my sewing machine and then wrapped those around the wreath. 

After that I enlisted the help of my favorite apprentice to help me roll the wooden robin eggs in glitter.

Meanwhile while the eggs were drying and after putting Lucy down for her nap I ripped off a piece of moss and glued it to a notecard. {I wanted it to be removable in case I ever want to switch it out but you could glue it right on the the fabric if you want} Next I glued the little nest onto the moss and pinned the card onto the wreath. 

The scene unfolding looked something like this mess...

My eggs were dry and ready to be glued into the nest.

And that's it! It took way less time than I had anticipated which is always nice and was relatively inexpensive to create. I already had the wreath form, fabric, and moss. Everything else was purchased at Michaels. 

 I hope you have a beautiful Monday and a super inspiring week ahead!

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  1. You were creative this weekend! I love that Lucy helped you and your wreath turned out great! I can't wait to get started on this creative day. You know where I'm headed!