Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last night we hosted Linda and Daniel who are here in the states road tripping from Chicago to the East Coast winding down in Boston. Linda's mom and my dad are cousins and Linda is Finnish and her husband Daniel is Swedish. It was so much fun to play 20 questions with them. We picked one another's brains over dinner and then some post dinner wine. I learned a lot!

In Sweden there is really no such thing as a "Stay at home mom." Day care is affordable and everyone works. Mothers are given paid maternity through the government for 1 year and after that time is over the father receives 2 months paternity leave. 

It is illegal for you to install your own dimmer switch! (or any other electrical projects) You must hire a licenced electrician. If you don't and your house burns down insurance won't cover it. 

At Easter little girls dress up like witches and children go door to door to ask for Easter candy. Daniel said it's a lot like Halloween. 

It's standard for everyone to have between 5 and 6 weeks paid vacation every year. And your salary is based on age not on seniority. 

It's pronounced "Ick-ea" people. 

I think my brain exploded all over the table when Daniel mentioned Helsinki having the best white chocolate ice cream. I showed them the swedish blogs I read and had them translate a little of it for me, that was really cool! I'm so glad they made a stop at our house, this morning they were headed off to Amish Country and then Linda was determined to find a great Outlet Mall. ( a girl after my own heart- le sigh)


  1. I found you via Sa Sea. I had to click on your kitchen reno pics-nice job! (Im a sucker for Kitchen reno's :)
    Looking forward to reading your blog!
    Oh, and that White Chocolate ice cream sounds yummy....

  2. I had to chuckle at your "Ick-ea" photo. We lived in Iceland for 2 1/2 years and learned the correct pronunciation there. People look at us like we have 2 heads when we say it this way in the States, though!!!