Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blogging from bed this morning. I think I found my new guilty pleasure. My favorite contractor Stan and his crew are tearing out the 1970's wet bar from the lower level so me and little L are hanging out where it's  a little quieter. I'm so excited this project is under way. In the first hour they had already torn out the bar, the cabinets.

Here is a sneaky peak of the impressively awful before:

The glass front cabinets are the only things being saved. They will find a new home hanging in the laundry room. 

I especially love the beautiful textured wallpaper and the matching faux finished up lights.

In other exciting news we got cable yesterday for the first time in almost two years. In the old house we were able to get quite a few channels with out it with our receiver box but since we moved and are under sooo many trees those days are over. I'm not even gonna lie and say "we never watch TV" or "we don't believe in lot's of TV." I love my stories. I missed HGTV and I was sick to death of  missing out on "Sarah's House." So I told Nick I have lot's of junk TV to catch up on this weekend so we won't be making any plans that involve leaving the house which is just as well anyway because it's downright steamy outside. 

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