Monday, July 19, 2010

Greetings from a house in progress! It was one of those weekends that felt so scattered. Like nothing really got done but a lot really did. The inhibitors of this home 3 owners ago were here over 15 years and from what our new neighbors tell us the lady of the house was huge into gardening. Unfortunately the two families that followed were not. Add in the fact that no one has lived here in a year and other than a weekly mowing no weeds have been pulled in a long stinkin time. We've got our very own Grey Gardens on our hands here folks. I'm talking endless thistle that stand over 7 feet high. We filled the back of Nicks pick up truck with brush and the yard barely looks touched. The goal is to just get it cleaned up by autumn before another layer of leaves falls on top.

Our favorite contractor Stan dropped by to take a look at some things for us too. I'm convinced every family needs a "Stan." A guy you can completely count on and trust to do a great job and be totally fair about it. We want Stan to convert our 1980's wet bar back into the powder room it once was. He said it should be "no big deal" which is exactly what we were hoping to hear. He's also going to fence in our side yard for us and fix a few minor things like doors that don't close and find us closet doors that are missing from two of the bedrooms.

So today per Stan's request I'll be stripping the lovely wall paper from the wet bar so he can get started soon. I can't wait to show you before and afters of this project! I ordered these wall sconces from here today. I think they were a bargain and exactly what we were looking for.

I love,  love this bathroom! It's sort of my inspiration. The wall color, the finishes, the mirror. It's got the feel I'm going for but this is on a much grander scale.

Happy Monday everyone! I'm off to roll up my sleeves and open a can of gettin' it done! Do those Home Depot commercials give anyone else chills? I'm such a dork but I can't help it...


  1. I hope you'll share your Stan with me if I need him later! I hear you about the yard. Ours is disgraceful after being ignored for 3 years. How big is your property? I can't wait to see your current project. You sound like you are enjoying yourself!

  2. Did you ever fing the ruffle sweat/yoga pants? I want some too!!!!!!!!