Thursday, July 22, 2010

$3,000!? That was pretty much my reaction when the landscape company gave us their quote to to clean up our new digs. Thats just clean up mind you, I almost fainted. I hate paying people to do things I feel like we can do with a little hard work and some elbow grease but after having countless people tell us "It's just too far gone" or "I don't even know where you'd start" my confidence is waning. The guy dropped by again today at lunch when Nick was home and was trying to talk us into having a drawing done. He fears that if we just simply rip it all out it will just come right back. Darn the lady that loved her perenials too much that lived here before (two families ago).

Ok maybe it's not as desperate as Grey Gardens but it is pretty bad. Here are just a couple of shots of the back of the house.

I'm seeing 7 foot thistle, ditch lilies and Queen Annes Lace in my sleep and not in a good way at all.

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