Sunday, January 2, 2011

you know what I'm talking about...

Happy New Year! I love this photo of my midnight toast with my honey. The toys in the background say it all about our year. We are lucky ducks!

My resolution is to "get er done." I'm talking about those projects big or small that just eat at you but for some reason you just live with it. Exhibit A is this ginormous mirror above our fireplace. I know a mirror is suppose to open up a space blah blah blah but this mirror was so large I felt it made the family room fill sort of stark and cavernous. Not to mention that no amount of windex could ever seem to get rid of the streaks. 

 pre-close (old owners decor)

 7:10 pm 1/1/11

I had high hopes that the mirror was held up by those handy clips you see in a lot of bathrooms. No such luck. 

It was glued to that wall what seemed like gallons of industrial strength Gorilla Glue. At this point I'm silently cursing the person who did this. 

Done! An hour and half later, the look on Nicks face was priceless when I demonstrated how my fist fit through one of the holes the mirror left. I've got some patching to do today. 

addressing the window

The old owner loved their wonkey little DIY projects. They had put up a wooden window valance above the only window in the family room. (Refer to exhibit A/B photo at the top of the post) In doing so they also prevented any curtains to be hung. Again the effect was so stark! I ripped down the valance and realized they had removed the molding from the top of the window so I had to replace that.

The trim is replaced and I ordered the fabric below to make curtains from. 

Lunar Sky Azure Ikat Damask from Waverly

Next up: Paint. 

What do you need to get done? You know you're just itching to do it...


  1. That's MY Girl! Why should those projects be any different than the half arsed way they did everything else around that place. Good for you for going after it! On the top of my list is attacking my studio and getting it organized and then let the fun begin.

  2. My hat goes off to you for taking that mirror on. Lookin' good.