Saturday, January 22, 2011

cold with a side of ice

Our little family is headed to Toy Story 3 on Ice today, and I'm geeked out stupid excited. You see Lucy has loved the Toy Story movies since what seemed like birth. The bright colors keep her attention and she watches at least one of the three installments every day. Luckily for Nick and I the hidden adult innuendos make it funny and tolerable for us too. We've never taken her to anything like this before so I'm so pumped for her.

She and I were "colded in" (-3 outside) yesterday so out of sheer boredom we had ourselves a little photo shoot. I was surprised she left the hat on the whole time and didn't try and rip it off and give me the stink eye for putting it on her. If you never messed around on (photo editing) you should. It fabulous! I only use the free tools because I'm frugal like that and they keep adding great ones but I hear the ones that come with a membership are well worth it.

Hope you have a super weekend! 

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