Saturday, January 8, 2011

window makeover

So earlier this week my lone little family room window was listed as exhibit B on my attack in the family room, you remember him. He's the one sporting the plastic brown blinds and black wood valance. After ripping down the valance I discovered they had removed the trim from the top of the window to accommodate said "handsome" valance. (just in case you're wondering those little dudes living in top of it are none the than the Fab Four bobble heads) I should also mention the minute we moved in those walls were neutralized to a plain white until I could figure out my final palette. Oh and a word of advice when you're looking at houses- if the the furniture seems to be arranged strange in a room you may want to move it to see what's hiding under it. 3k on carpet later- lesson learned. 


new paint on walls and trim

shades and rod/rings from Lowes

I made the curtains from Waverly Fabric Lunar Sky Azure Ikat Damask (say that name five times fast)

The little has something new to twirl around in. 

the paint: martha stewart "fledgling" color matched by Sherwin Williams in their Harmony Line- eggshell/satin

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  1. Yum! Very nice!
    Waverly Fabric Lunar Sky Azure Ikat Damask
    Faverly wabric sunar lky Azure Ikat Damask
    Ha! Tongue twister alright.


  2. Ikat? What's that? It looks great! Can't wait to see it in person. So what was hiding under the oddly placed carpet?

  3. Love the color and the mirror! Look forward to seeing the outcome!

  4. Love what you've done so far! The Waverly curtain panels are to die for! I'll be back!
    ;D Michelle

  5. Love the makeover - pretty soothing paint colour and pretty drapes.