Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I love surprises! Trouble is I'm really hard to surprise. Call me nosey? Super aware? I'm just hard to be had. I saw this sweet little Zebra chair on Monday and was all types of swoony over it. I mentioned it to Nick and then we left. I kept thinking about where I would put it and how fun it would look in our living room. This afternoon I walked into the house and saw the box sitting by the door. He and my sweet mother-in-law were in cahoots and they got me! I even mentioned the chair to her when I saw her at lunch today and she said nothing. Very impressive. If it were me I would have sang like a bird. So anyway that was really sweet and a total shock. Made my week for sure!


  1. Yay family! I'm excited for you Sarah! It looks great in that little corner.


  2. I love it! Very FUN-Key! Awesomeness. Can't wait to sit in it. I'm really surprised either. Probably for the same reasons you mentioned.

  3. OH I am loving it! What great hubby and mom-in law you have!! I wish my guy would surprise me with furniture! But he did surprise me with the dyson ball for my birthday which was the best present EVER! Does that count? hahahahaha :)