Friday, January 14, 2011


I've go so much going on right now I'm up to my ears in coffee filters, glitter, ribbon and tulle getting ready for a certain little ladies' first birthday. Hmmmm I guess that actually sounds kind of fun though. Well my dining room table may disagree but she'll be cleaned off eventually. Not today though. I'm having a girls day. I'm meeting my sister from a different mister Jen at the mall in about an hour to get some birthday shopping done for my mom and nieces and maybe a little for me, cm'on now! I'm so excited though, I can't remember the last time I got to go shopping sans stroller with a girlfriend. Tonight Nick is going out on a work date with his dad so Lucy and I will continue our girls theme day with a classic. Perhaps Beauty and the Beast? I just feel like wearing a tutu today would that be weird? TGIF!


  1. First birthday? ALREADY? Wow, time flies!

  2. Please wear the tutu! In fact, wear it out shopping with Jen. She won't mind. ;)

  3. You should have said something! I would have worn my tutu also. Loved our morning. Love you.