Thursday, January 27, 2011

gettin giggy wid it

Ok so in honor of what I'm sure will be part 1 of Bravos best RH's reunion show let's go play at the Vanderpump house. (or at least dream of laying by the pool while Cedric brings us pink vodka and Giggy lays sweetly by our feet.) But seriously her house is by far my favorite of the cast. Don't get me wrong i've got mad love for "the maloof" but her crib is a bit guido chic for me.

"the black room"

living room

dream kitchen

i would just hang out in my dressing room all day if i were her

ok seriously? 

she's lucky to have a hubs that doesn't mind all the pink

there's one scene were she and ken are discussing cedric moving out while she clips roses and it just made me smile, i cant wait for spring

i'm now ringing my little bell for cedric to bring me my pinktini and us weekly dahhling

one more thing-  trixie has a something to say...

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  1. just found your blog via cottage and vine. looking forward to reading more! That home is gorgeous! can you call it that?? it's more like an estate or castle. She is my favorite of the BH wives. love me some jiggy. ;)