Thursday, October 7, 2010

thanks ballard!

Let me first start off by saying this is the room that probably sold us on the house. It was stunning and so unexpected hiding on the lower level of the house. The room over looks the back of the property with a view of White Lick Creek. I knew when we moved this time that there were a few important things on my list that our new house just had to have and having that perfect spot for a Christmas Tree was one them: Check! The space didn't need much work, just a little dressing up. We painted the walls "Dusty Road" by Killz, we also painted the ceiling beam the same color which had previously never been been painted. 

The room also had no window dressings... at all...ever. For a room thats being used 365 days a year this was a must from both an energy conservation standpoint and a privacy one too. I took a risk and went for the drama with the Concorde Medallion Panels from Ballard in indigo and I'm so happy with them. All 108''! They add just the right amount of spice and for the price they couldn't be beat. Eventually we will add bamboo roman shades to the windows that flank the sides but for now we're just enjoying the view. I can't wait to see the leaves begin to change. Below is a photo of the space before. 

Before with the previous owners furniture. 

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  1. It's beautiful Sarah! The view sounds gorgeous. Total envy here! I have the newest Ballard's catalog right beside me. I'm going to go check out what's new.