Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sarah's house part 2

These are images from Sarah's House season 2 I believe. It's the 1960's back split level. I love that she chose such an unconventional floor plan to tackle. It sort of reminds me of  Lauren's home that she beautifully re-did.

 my favorite marble flooring.

 so light and bright.

 i remember from the show that she had the contractor re-do the the stain on the floor because it wasn't quite right the first time, they turned out so pretty. 

 i love the honeycomb backsplash.

open shelving is making a comeback.

 continuing the light bright theme.

 who wouldn't enjoy a little laundry duty in a space like this?

 are you digging the placement of the mirror?

 calm and soothing master although that silver tray is kind of giving off a bedpan vibe- just saying ; )

 that mirror is amazing.

i love all of the texture and pattern in here. 

bold yet soft and soothing.


  1. These are all stunning. Love the light and air colors.

  2. I think Sarah Richardson is amazing. IS she doing a new season of her show? I sure hope so!