Tuesday, October 12, 2010

easy door update



Our front door was so huge, plain and down right institutional looking. I went to Lowes yesterday and picked up 3 pre made moldings. They are with the other trim rectangles and run about $12 a piece. They are supposed to be for walls but they were exactly what I was looking for, for the door. I used liquid nails to put them up but they kept popping out of place so I fired up the old trusty glue gun. I used the gun to keep them in place while the "nails" dried and it worked like a charm. I'm very happy with the results.  Easy peasy!


  1. I can't even believe what a difference that made. It's brilliant!

  2. Wow. That made such a big difference. Great job

  3. I can't believe what a total improvement that is!!! Very impressed! It's like a hundred times better. Love your blog:)