Sunday, December 4, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

Good morning! How's your weekend going? Feels like it's flying by too fast for me but that's really nothing new. We went to Breakfast with Santa at our local middle school yesterday. When we got there there were only a couple people in line to see the big guy so we figured we'd do that part first..... In hindsight maybe we should have eaten first. All was going so great at first, Lucy was smiling and waving to Santa, then we got a little caulky and tried to hand her over to him and that's when things went downhill fast. I love this picture my mother in law snapped! It really captured the scene. I really wish I hadn't already printed my Christmas cards. 

She quickly recovered after breakfast though once she found the band room instrument "petting zoo." It was such a cute idea to let the kids explore and bang on the different instruments.

They also had about a dozen or so different craft tables set up. 

Lucy kept going back to the petting zoo, she was in heaven.

I was at the table guarding our things when Nick snapped this photo of her with the violin. He said she picked it up, hugged it and then tried to casually stroll off with it. 

 Hope you all have a beautiful Sunday. I'll be back tomorrow with part 1 of our holiday house tour!



  1. I just found your blog when looking up images for Downton Abbey (you had a post earlier in the year). LOVE it! I love the vintage style, so I'm now a follower! Enjoy your Christmas prepping!

  2. Look at those pigtails! What a cutie pie:-)