Saturday, December 31, 2011

blink and you missed it

Happy New Year to all! We began the last day of 2011 picking up some delicious treats for tonight. Pink champagne, Neapolitan, and chocolate peanut butter to be exact. 

After a productive day of hanging out and not doing much but relaxing we headed out to watch a hockey game with Nick's family. It was tons of fun and Lucy had a blast dancing around our suite to the music that played during the breaks. 

I snapped this picture on our way out. We stayed the first two periods but then it became wayyy past a certain 22 month old's bedtime.

I even broke out my fancy "party" TOMS.

Back to those cupcakes. Here we are with 9 minutes left in the year.

I'm always astonished looking back at how fast the years ticked by.

We can't wait to meet our new baby boy soon and continue to watch our sweet Lucy grow and learn new things every day. I hope you enjoy your evening and CHEERS to a fresh start and a clean slate. 


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