Tuesday, November 22, 2011

little victories

Nick: Hey Sarah?
Me: Don't talk to me right now, I'm about to attempt "the ruffle" 
{Nick walks away}

25 minutes later

Me: Nick!
Nick: Yeah?
{Nick enters}
Me: I did it! I did it! Yeaha! Woot!
Nick: Looks nice!
{me pulling out my ipod earbuds}
Me: Do you think I'm the only one that sews to Jay Z?
Nick: Probably

Pay no attention to the table that's not set and bad lighting. It's not about that ya'll. I've been trying to find the right settings on my sewing machine for TWO years to make a ruffle. It's not fancy by any stretch but it sure was a shot of confidence in my arm tonight. 

Tomorrow the pie baking commences. This time of the year is tops! 


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