Saturday, November 19, 2011

Last night we watched Sense & Sensibility and had a roaring fire. It was nice, and we needed the down time. Even though we'd seen it before Nick commented that no matter if it's the first time you're seeing that particular Jane Austen movie it feels like something you've already watched. He's right but that's what I like about them. You can always count on them to be warm and witty and comfortingly familiar. 

He just got back with our winters firewood so now we're all stocked up. Later we'll get the Christmas totes down from the attic and dive into those. Last year we picked up our tree the night before Thanksgiving and that was fun, I think we'll make an evening out of it again this year. What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. That is the coziest picture ever. I want to curl up right there with you. I just finished cleaning the upstairs and putting everything back together and I'm quitting for the day. I still need to do that 2nd coat on the front door and scrape the window panes but I'm not stressing about it. Right now I'm laying on the sofa with Tummy and the laptop and I have chicken roasting in the oven. In a little while I will roast some tomatoes and make some pasta and toss in some olive oil, garlic and parmesan and have a feast. Oh! And I bought Elements today so I hope to play with it some this weekend!