Tuesday, November 15, 2011

grey skies with a bright spot or two

I know I promised a tutorial project yesterday and it's all done I've had trouble photographing it. It's been gloomy here since Sunday. If things don't improve by tomorrow I'll do what I can to take a pretty finished picture.

On the bright side Lucy got her cast off today! Four rough weeks behind us and we're so grateful things are healing nicely. Thank you to everyone that left sweet comments or messaged me about her. She is doing really great. We just put her down for the night and I'm watching her on the monitor- she's currently attempting to read her books in the pitch dark- it's these funny little quirky moments that make me so grateful to be a momma.

Have you started planning your Thanksgiving menu? We're having my mom and dad over this year, usually we go to their house but this time they decided it might be more fun if Lucy had her toys and her bed so she could stick to her normal routine. Gotta love kids they're like little anchors to your cozy house.

I found this recipe last night for sausage cornbread dressing and added it to my menu. I hope it tastes half as good as it looks!



  1. OMG! This looks and sounds soooo good! Need to add this to our menu too!

  2. I'm so happy about Lucy! I haven't given enough thought to Thanksgiving. I better finish up this painting so I can focus on it!