Tuesday, May 31, 2011

good enough ♥

Hellooooooooo!!! Hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful holiday weekend. Ours got off to an unexpected rocky start but quickly recovered. I don't know what it was about the past few days but we've really started to slow down around here and just be really thankful for what's right in front of us. We didn't work on big projects or plan new ones. We just "maintained" and enjoyed the beauty that spring brought us. We played outside, hosted a little cookout for the neighbors, went swimming, took a little day trip to giant antique center and an outlet mall. It has honestly felt like a mini vacation. I think we'll be behaving like this more often. What we have is good enough- it's actually better than good it's great and I'm so thankful. I've been on this self imposed house tweaking treadmill long enough and I'm just ready to enjoy. We're looking forward to our side yard fence going in this weekend (we've been on the wait list for 6 weeks!) so we can be outside even more in the coming months. 

I snapped a few photos at dusk last night of our sun room. It's so pretty that time of day. The shabby pink peonies (my absolute favorite!) were one of the many welcome surprises to pop in the yard in the past couple of weeks. 

and for good measure a photo of sweet Lucy. the official Memorial Day 2011 Corn Hole Champ!

I hope you found a little slice of peace and happiness this past weekend too. 



  1. Well said sister girl! I'm right there with you. Just a couple more projects though!

  2. Your room looks so beautiful and peaceful! Love your flowers too!

  3. This is a gorgeous room! I love the way that you used the light furniture and rug with the dark floor and trim. Perfect! I have a very nice wood trim that I am trying to use to it's best advantage. Initially, I painted my rooms yellow, but three years later find I am very tired of yellow and the gold that it brings out in the flooring and trim. So I am going to an off white, no yellow highlights in it at all and I am loving it. I was glad to find this post, thanks for it.
    Hugs, Cindy