Monday, June 6, 2011

mini boden inspired tee DIY

I love the mini boden applique t-shirts like the one below! I have been a fan ever since I saw them at Nordstrom when I was pregnant with Lucy. They're just so sweet and colorful. 
What's a little scary though is the $30 price tag for a toddlers t-shirt. Last fall I made a Pear shirt and now that it's nice a warm outside I've been re-inspired to make another version. I went with a strawberry and I chronicled my easy steps below for you. Enjoy!

First settle on the image you want. I decided on a strawberry to I googled "strawberry graphic." Several options came up and I chose the best one and cut and pasted into a word document. 

Once it was there I adjusted the size of the image and printed it out on white card stock then cut out the pieces. 

Next I dove into my fabric pile and pulled out a pink piece for the berry and a green piece for the leaf. {I'm showing two of everything because I was also making one for my niece} 

*Optional I ironed on fusion paper to the back of the fabric before I traced my pattern on the back. The fusion paper will help hold it all in place for you and make it much easier to sew on later.

next cut out your pieces

I bought toddler t-shirts from Target. I like them because they wear well and come in many colors.

If you used the iron on fusion paper next you'll want to peel off the paper backing from your cut outs and place them on your shirt exactly where you want them.

After the design is in place lay a spare piece of fabric or a towel over the top and press your iron over the design for about 20 seconds. Check it to see make sure you didn't miss any spots and do touch-ups where needed. 

Now you'll have something that looks like this!

Lastly using my sewing machine I stitched around the border of the strawberry and leaf to secure it. 

And Ta-Da!

a sweet summer time tee! 

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  1. Oh my goodness! She is adorable! Love the tee too.

  2. Great job Sarah! I'm impressed!