Thursday, May 19, 2011


Chalk it up to the spring fevah but i've been craving more color in our home lately. It's a slow process for me because i don' want things to get out of hand but i've been working in subtle pops here and there. 

I also finally got around to painting the upstairs hall as well as the baseboards in the living room/ dining room. Those baseboards were a breeze (they were formally stained wood now crispy white) but the dental crown molding above it is going to prove a different story.  It just needs to be done though for me to feel like it's home. I struggled with this area for a while and I finally realized the other day that's probably because the only piece of furniture in that area that we brought from the old house was the antique corner cabinet. The sectional, dining room table and chair as well as the side board were left to us from the previous owner. A bunch of people gasped when I told them my plans to paint the "beautiful" wood moldings so i put it off. It felt like we were having dinner every night in someone elses' house. Slowly but surely though it's feeling right now. 



  1. LOVE all that color! Especially the blue and white stripes on the ceiling.

  2. And some of us gasped at the idea that you wouldn't paint it.

  3. I've got the fever, too. Big time.

    ps - Jen's comment? Ha! Totally!!