Monday, May 16, 2011

this and that

Hey there! I bet you were starting to wonder if I fell of the the face of the earth? Nope I didn't- I'm just trying to adjust to life with a 1 nap a day toddler. She use to take two- during the first one I'd shower and ready myself for the day and during the afternoon nap I'd catch up on blogs and also do a post. So bare with me while I work out the kinks. 

Did I mention she's also begun to prove herself a climber? Yes she's mastered scaling onto the sectional as well as up and down the stairs. In a way it's nice because she can do more for herself but it also scares me to death she's going to go flying down the stairs or end up in a full body cast from throwing herself off the sofa. 

exhibit a: last thursday morning I came out of the kitchen to find this. 
"Lucy how did you get on the sectional?" 

exhibit b: yes that is a random ruler in her hand from lord knows where. this one keeps me on my toes.

so thats a taste of what i've been working with. nothing big but just time for a fresh look at childproofing the house and adjusting our daily routine. Don't get me wrong though it's not all "ugh" stuff.

exhibit c: child labor is awesome!


I've also been adding some things to the etsy shop including this milk glass trio: instant collection. You can view them here. I also added a trio of vintage beakers and I've got a few more things to put up tonight. Can you believe it's already half way through May? I promise I'll get my act together and work out  new system for posting because this is somethings I love so much and I hate to neglect. 


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