Friday, May 14, 2010


So sorry for the week of silence since Monday, things have been crazy around here. The etsy shop sort of just took off and I've been prepping things to ship, how awesome! I also decided to tile the backsplash in the kitchen, and I'm really happy with the result. When I get time to take pictures of it I'll be sure and share them with you. I've also taken a small job on the side at my neighbors shop doing event coordinating, amongst other things. This week I've been painting and updating some of the cabinetry in the showroom a pretty cream color. I'm lucky because I can take Little L with me when I go and she does great. So it's been a hectic week but I'm looking forward to the Country Market tomorrow and a fun birthday party! I hope you all get some well deserved rest this weekend, I know I'll be forcing myself to!

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  1. Event coordinating? How awesome! That is for sure a dream job to me. Sorry I didn't run in to you on Saturday. What a lovely day it was. I'll email you at the beginning of the week about our little project!