Tuesday, May 18, 2010

rocking chair

While meandering around the country market on Saturday I was on complete sensory overload, it was so much fun! I did manage to snap out of it long enough to scoop up this sweet little white rocking chair for Lucy for $15 at an antique shop. I was sitting out in there sidewalk sale just waiting for us. When I got it home that night I whipped up a little chair pad with some white muslin I had leftover from a previous project. I wanted ruffles and I sat at that machine for nearly 2 hours while Nick watched the Burbs and by the time the movie was over all I had was a mess on my hands. Getting a ruffle on something will be the death of me, but they are so pretty. I finally gave up on the ruffles and went for something a little simpler and it took all of 15 minutes. The plan now is to take her picture in it every month starting now at 3 months.


  1. so cute!! i didn't fall in love with anything at the market, but i also didn't have enough time to really stop and look at anything in detail. i'm glad you stumbled up on this diamond in the rough! i love the idea of photographing lucy in the chair every month. she'll love it when she's older.

  2. Teehee! TOo cute! I love it, and even cuter than the chair is your little bublet. So cute!

  3. maybe i should photograph my 9 yr. old and the 11 yr. old in our front porch rocker... i used to do that, then they whined and fussed, and i gave up. good for you! keep it up :)