Tuesday, May 25, 2010

party for my sweetie

I've just started to think about Nicks birthday party. He's turning 30 this year and I've convinced him to let me throw him a small get together at our house. I promised nothing BIG, low frills, and very homemade. Sweet- that's just my style anyway! I've chosen blues, yellows, and greens as my colors and I'll put it all together from there. I have just under 2 weeks and counting, here are some of my inspiration photos.

Also Jen was kind enough to host a give-away for me to promote my new Etsy shop. Go visit her at The Cottage Nest here to enter to win a pretty antique aqua ball jar circa 1908. Thank you Jen! And don't forget free shipping anywhere in the world during the month of May!

PS: how cute it that handkerchief bunting in the first photo???

*images via here


  1. Hi Jen sent me from The cottage nest...great giveaway and I just love your blog and etsy shop! Your newest follower! xoxo Beth

  2. I love all this bunting! And that first image is one of my friend's engagement pics! Gorgeous.

  3. I love the hankie bunting! I'm determined to do some sort of bunting very soon! Your birthday party idea sounds perfect. Sweet hubby and I both have winter birthdays which is just no fun!

  4. hello!

    i just popped over from jen's blog and am so happy that i did. your adorable blog (and shop) is a swoon-fest! i look forward to reading more.


  5. Just over from Jen's blog just love the pics on your blog Best wishes on your new store