Sunday, May 9, 2010

mothers day recap

On my very first Mothers Day I woke up and was greeted with a charming husband, a bright eyed pretty baby and giant bouquet of pink peonies all waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs- PEONIES MY FAVORITE!!! After I cut them down and found a pitcher to put them in it was bath time for Lucy. (Hey lookie we painted the kitchen light grey last night, I love it!)

After Lucy's bath she enjoyed some time in her swing while little Arlo watched over her from the couch.

Next it was on to Boulder Creek with the family for a great brunch! (note the awesome new anthro hat and pretty stella & dot necklace from Lucy and Nick swooon!)

Grandpa had some fun with little L.

When we got home Lucy took a lonnnnnnngggggg nap in her car seat and I got a ton of gardening done. I planted two new shabby pink rose bushes and some hostas, and potted some gerbera daisies, impatiens's, and a trio of herbs plus catnip to boot! Nick was super jealous of my time outdoors so I traded him baby watch duty and he went out to dig the post holes for my tomatoes- more on that to come! Lucy finally woke up and I was trying really hard to get her to smile big for the camera- as soon as that big toothless grin appeared so did a mouthful of spit up, it was so funny.

Next we were off to dinner at my parents they grilled burgers and brats and Lucy was in a really good mood.

She just discovered how to hold her Sophie giraffe and chew on it, it's her new favorite past-time.

We got home and I found a good home for my pretty peonies (hey lookie we painted the dining room Friday night the same color as the kitchen- so fresh!) Now little L is off in dream land I'm not far behind. I am so blessed to have this life and my family and friends- it was the best Mothers Day I could have ever dreamed of. I hope all you mommies had the wonderful mothers day you all deserve too.

Love and hugs,


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  1. Sarah- That sounds like a perfect day. I love that you know how lucky you are! I'm not sure what's cuter, you, Lucy or that hat. Oh's Lucy! But you in that hat run a close 2nd!