Monday, May 10, 2010

cat's out of the bag...


milk glass sorbet desert compotes

rose wreath china

lil pewter cup

rose oil lamp

grandma's cake plate

10 knockout cut glass lunch plates

crystal stemware

aqua ball jar circa 1908

For a while now I've thought about re-opening my etsy shop but it just never felt right. I had tried it last year and I stocked it with my screen printed note cards. It turned out to be kind of labor intensive, time consuming and soon petered out.

I decided this time instead of trying to reinvent the wheel why not stock this new shop with antique and vintage items- just the stuff I love! Plus so it's so fun to load up Lucy in the car and tell her we're going treasure hunting- for her part I named the shop after her. Mother/daughter bonding at it's finest! We've found some pretty great treasures so far and I'm adding new things daily. I've really tried to keep pricing super reasonable especially compared to what other shops have similar items listed for. If I find it for little, I'll sell it for just a little more after all this is mostly about having fun for me and sharing my style.

As part of the grand opening I'm offering FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE!!! I've also included insurance for my client's protection. To my surprise I've already shipped to New Jersey, Philadelphia and Arizona! Not bad for just opening my doors just a few days ago. I'd been trying to keep it quiet until I could get my inventory up enough so with out further ado visit Lucy and I HERE. Oh and referrals are the highest form of flattery so tell your friends if you love what you see! Thank you for your support in my fun new little endeavor!

*special thanks to my good friend John for help with the text on banner!

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