Friday, January 3, 2014

evidence of winter

1. lingering mornings in jammies dancing on the beds.
2. messy beds.
3. hats, coats, and scarves galore.
4. a cozy pup and her beloved stuffed dragon.
5. we've been coloring in the new coloring books santa brought non-stop.
6. exciting projects to finish.
7. i finally got to break out my new calendar i bought at the santa monica paper source store.
8. a pile of good books to tempt us- i got nick the dennis hopper book for christmas and i've been waiting for a quiet moment to crack it open myself.
9. lingering christmas houses i just can't bring myself to put away yet.
10. a well lived in playroom.
11. a friend of mine gave me the idea of turning our yearly christmas card into an ornament so i've been gathering up our past few years of cards and making them. i love the idea of having a big collection like that and preserving them in such a special way. 

We got a beautiful fresh 5 inches of snow yesterday and we're expecting a bunch more this weekend. I sent Nick to the store for comfort food supplies as we plan to stay in and hibernate. I absolutely love this time of year. We'll have a couple days full of good food, good movies, fires in the fireplace and plenty of hot coco and board games to keep us more than happy. 

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