Sunday, January 19, 2014

i miss the smell of dirt

Thursday was a busy morning- the fun kind of busy. We made a good breakfast and baked a chocolate birthday cake for Mimi. I also got the bread rising to go with our soup at dinner and I finished off a new hat all before lunch. The kids happily played in their own kitchen, drew on the chalkboard and caught an episode of Sesame Street. There were beautiful giant snow globe like flakes floating through the air outside our window and its a day that just feels so perfectly cozy and heart filling.

For some reason for the past couple of days or so though I've had the smell of dirt on my mind. Is that weird? Maybe its because the spring seed catalogue arrived the other day but all of a sudden I find myself dreaming of the warm sun on my back and the kids playing in their little pool. The smell of fresh cut grass and the thought of picking our tomatoes fresh from the garden instead of the grocery store. I suppose the best way to cope is to throw a couple more logs on the fire and make some coco because soon enough I'm sure I'll long for our cozy cold days back again. 

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