Monday, January 6, 2014


1. Gray's favorite place to play lately is under the table.
2. Lucy has been keeping us entertained with lots of puppet shows and concerts.
3. The new bookcase we added to Gray's room is really helping to keep things more tidy with his growing book collection.
4. He's beginning to talk so much now!
5. The snow has covered all the skylights in the house and made things feel so dark yet cozy.
6. Open that front door and this is what you'll see.
7. Our coffee filter snowflakes on the windows now fade into the outdoor landscapes. 
8. Even the pup has given up and decided to just hibernate. 
9. Out back the heavy snow has weighed down the bows of the pines trees to the ground.
10. Truth be told I haven't bothered changing into anything besides fresh pajamas every day since Saturday. 
11. I have been getting quite a few little projects done here and there like adding a new pompom to the top of the hat I knit last year. 

We've been home for a couple days straight now. The weather app on my phone says it's -11 outside and the weatherman tells me with the windchill factored in it actually feels like -40. With no end in site this definitely seems unprecedented at least in my lifetime. I'm glad we had some time outside yesterday playing in the snow before the temps took the huge plunge. For now we'll enjoy some more family time and maybe do a little summertime daydreaming too. 

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