Thursday, November 28, 2013


After a couple days spent in the kitchen the feast was finally ready. I love to cook every minute of it. Even when my legs get tired I just pour a glass of wine and forge ahead. It was funny though because by the time it was time to sit down and eat I was ready to just take a nap. 

On the menu: 2 turkey breasts, cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, mac n' cheese, green bean casserole, cheddar biscuits, marshmallow salad,  Tennessee whiskey fruit cake, pumpkin pie and a chocolate cake per Lucy's request. I think I only tasted about half those things before I threw in the towel. It was a great day and the house with filled with lots of laughs, giggles and good energy- just what you want on Thanksgiving. 

This picture cracks me up- before my mom took Lucy to see the new Frozen movie I asked her to take a picture with me. She just wanted to go get in the car and was not in the mood. These are the moments memories are made of. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you 

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  1. I'm glad your holiday was lovely. I adore those pictures of the kids. Adorable!