Monday, December 2, 2013

shop small

Saturday was Small Business Saturday. You could say our family is pretty heavily tied to small business. Nick has worked for the past going on 7 years with his dad at a business he began over 40 years ago. And I of course have had this going on for a little over a year now. 

In the spirit of #shopsmall we had breakfast at Shapiro's Bakery and Deli (legendary!) and then went to LUNA Music to pick up a few fun things. It's always nice to support local and small businesses whenever possible. You can learn more about the #shopsmall movement here. Happy Hunting. 

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  1. We loooove Shapiros! My husband, kids, and I drive 90 minutes for their baked goods. My husband won't eat Cheesecake Factory anymore -- he only wants Shapiros cheesecake. Have you tried the mocha dessert bar? I forget the actual name. It is dense and light all at the same time. Rich and luxurious without being overly sweet. The rum balls are delightful; I didn't get one last Christmas; should have called ahead.