Sunday, November 3, 2013

for fun

Who remembers the MySpace days? You know where you drained a million hours filling out ridiculous surveys? Those were fun!

I am...

making : big messes in my studio.
cooking : lots of chicken based dishes and soups.
drinking : coffee, cider with a splash of spiced rum, and the occasional diet coke
reading : I just finished this book- yeah I admit it. 
wanting : to get to a yoga class. 
looking : through my scratched lenses, lord do I need new glasses. 
playing : beauty shop with Lucy tonight. 
wasting : time on tumblr. 
sowing : seeds for next spring in my head. 
wishing : for some peace and closure surrounding a difficult situation. 
enjoying : seeing my kids play together. 
waiting : for a snow day! 
liking : my new boots
wondering : how old Gray will be when he passes up Lucy in size. She's dreading it. 
loving : fires in the fireplace. 
hoping : Lucy feels better tomorrow. It's so hard seeing your little under the weather. 
marvelling : at Gray's growing vocabulary. He's really taking off with his communication. 
needing : another kitchen timer The kids sent ours flying down the slide over the summer and it's dearly missed. 
smelling : this candle
wearing : lots of layers. 
following : the weather this week as I'm hoping to get some work done. 
noticing : that I am writing a lot of lists - lists of things to write, supplies to buy, clothes to pack. 
knowing : it will all be OK. 
thinking : If it weren't for Day Light Savings it would be 11:30pm right now not 10:30 and I'm tired. 
bookmarking : good children's book ideas on amazon for Christmas gifts. I love my little book worms. 
opening : a fresh bottle of wine. 
giggling : at the things Lucy says. 
feeling : happy, hopeful, loved and lucky. 

Happy Sunday night- I hope you have a great week!

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