Sunday, October 30, 2011

Welcome C'mon in! So I decided to keep it real today and give you a tour of a real life Sunday afternoon in our house. It's about 1:45 pm and Lucy's taking a nap so we'll have to keep it down.

Lucy has a {BIG} thing for toy story.

You probably saw Nick outside when you drove in. Poor guy has been battling those dang leaves for weeks. 

Watch your step when you come through the door. I'm sorting all the winter accessories today.

Want a cupcake? I baked them yesterday with Nick's sweet sisters.

Lucy's been having a blast at her coloring table lately.
{the table was mine when I was her age,  and so I'm glad my mom  saved it for me}

chairs don't always get pushed in around here

Trixie enjoys the hours of 1-3 pm every day too when she can safely roam the house with out being tailed by a toddler.
{note the comics from the Sunday paper on the floor- a favorite weekly tradition for Nick and Lucy}

Smell that? It's our favorite candle- the house signature smell if you will.
{voluspa in santiago huckleberry} 

While they read the comics I catch up on my catalogues.

Crappy season and all we still love our Colts!

I've been organizing my desk, I can't believe all the cool stuff I forgot I had.
{btw those clear plastic shoes bins go for a $1 at Wal-Mart.}

And last but not least I'll show you a sneak peak at the new nursery.
I made that large ribbon board Friday night with an empty frame I
found laying behind a frame shop with a "free" sign on it.

Hope you enjoyed your visit. Time for m to go eat some cheez-its now.



  1. Thanks for the tour! I love those cupcakes, and your curtains are so cute!

  2. Love the keeping it real. Also Maddie would like you to deliver us some cupcakes. You are in an organizing frenzy. If you are already nesting I'm trying to imagine what kind of highly polished state your house will be in by the time baby is born!