Monday, October 31, 2011

We needed a hair bow command center. The top of Lucy's dresser was getting out of control. It was so easy I wish I would have made one a long time ago. They would also make very nice gifts if you know any sweet little girls.

Here's all you need:
*Glue gun
*Wood letter {i purchased mine at Michaels}
*Ribbon {about 2.5 ft}
*Embellishments {optional}
*lighter {optional}

 gather up your supplies

Glue your ribbon to the back of your letter and trim 

Take your lighter and lightly go over the bottom part of your ribbon to prevent fraying

Glue on any embellishments you might have to the front of your letter

Hang and clip away. 
Now we have a nice and neat organized place to keep all of the "pretty's"


Here's my sweet pea having a Sunday night tea party with her babies and her daddy. She takes her tea party time very seriously and it cracks Nick and I up. She's doing a little  better with her cast these days but still not quite walking. We go back Tuesday for more x-rays, fingers crossed everything is healing well. 


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  1. Clever idea miss! I wish Emma still wore them. Let me know how little ones appointment goes.