Tuesday, November 9, 2010

kids bath before and after

Since it's not in the budget right now to give this bathroom the huge overhaul it needs we settled for some fresh paint.... everywhere. The walls got a fun cabana stripe feel and the cabinets received a quick update with a slick new coat of high gloss black (color: caviar) and new hardware. I've always loved the striped look but I was always too chicken to try. I figured a kids bathroom was a safe place to experiment.

Next, I removed the double towel bar which was hung really high and replaced it with a long piece of trim and went for towel hooks- i figured they were more kid friendly. Lastly I added a new mirror and as soon as I can figure out how to get that blasted light of the wall, I'll switch it out.

Bathroom Before (previous owners):



Cream Stripe UPDATE here


  1. You're a whiz!!! I love it. And with all of the other fun going on, I really didn't notice "the light" in the after pics...

  2. How cheery and fun! Love the stripes!

  3. I love your changes. It is an adorable room now!

  4. Love the yellow stripes!! Great work :)

  5. The old mirror "falling" off the wall was very mysterious. Maybe it was slightly pushed in order to get this project rolling...MAYBE?

    Either way, it turned out really, really cute!