Tuesday, November 23, 2010

creamy buffalo chicken soup

I came across this recipe last week and knew immediately it was meant to be. Anything I can put in the slow cooker is an instant winner in my book, and spicy ta boot. I prepared everything the night before and popped it in the fridge. At lunchtime yesterday I took it out and plugged it in on low. My house smelled so yummy all afternoon and by dinner time I had already stolen a few tastes- hey I had to make sure it was good right? It was an instant hit, we loved it! The recipe is below, I made a few adjustments to the original- I like hot and spicy but I don't like my eyelids to sweat. I would highly recommend this on a Sunday game day! 

1 can cream of chicken soup
   1 can cream of celery soup  
3 can fulls of water 
2 cooked chicken breast or a rotisserie chicken, shredded
8 oz. sour cream
3 Tablespoons hot sauce
Put everything in a crock pot and stir. Cook on low for 6 to 8 hours.
Serve it with ciabatta bread.

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