Sunday, November 21, 2010

the vision

Ever since we moved into our house we've talked about a kitchen remodel down the road. I've always pictured a banquet as there is no seating for a eat-in. Finally the other day I ran across a photo (I don't remember where-oops!) but it's exactly what I've been envisioning- in a someones been in my head sort of way. A remodel is still years away but it's exciting to have a tangible picture to go with the vision I've dreamed up. 

the "vision kitchen"

the current kitchen

The "L" shaped layouts are very similar. The wall with the window on it would get bumped out to accommodate the banquet.


  1. I love banquettes too! I think it's eerie how similar your kitchen is to that one. Everything about that inspiration picture is perfection. I would be happy to come over and have you serve me lunch there.

  2. Sarah,
    Love the Banquet idea and your kitchen layout is perfect for it...keep on dreaming and before you know it, it will be yours and a reality!!
    You are so talented