Monday, June 7, 2010


We had a very busy weekend. We sold our house in 6 days flat! Then the very next day we wheeled and dealed our way into the dream house that caused us to put our house on the market to begin with (with some furniture thrown in ta-boot!). So it's official, all parties involved are under contract and we're moving in about 5 weeks! You'll have to excuse me if I'm a teency bit scarce for a while but I will be definitely be sharing the journey with you through some before and after photos. I threw in a sneak peak of the outside. Cheers!!!


  1. Congrats! Good for you! That's wonderful news.

  2. What a whirlwind! When we bought the house we are in now (about 3 years ago) the house we were in sold in less than 3 days and I remember crying the night it sold. It happened so much faster than I thought it was hard to process everything! But, of course, all for the best. :) Congrats!!

  3. Sarah! What in the world? I've been out of the loop and not checking blogs and then I come back to visit and find this! Congrats to all of you! Where is the new place? I want details!

  4. That's great Sarah!! Wow,,a lot has happened since i last checked!! I love good new! I can't wait to see new pic's of your new pad!!