Monday, June 14, 2010

a look inside the kitchen

polar ice

The kitchen has great bones it just needs to be "de-chi-chi'd." Please bare in mind these photos were taken with the old owners decor up. The white cabinets are good to go, they have beautiful bubble glass (thats what is making the weird reflection in the photos) and recessed lighting inside. This is exciting but also scary to think all my dishes and junk may be visible now. We'll immediately tone done the wall color with polar ice by Benjamin Moore. We just did our current kitchen in this color it's just so fresh and clean looking. The countertop and backsplash will be addressed some day down the road until then does anyone know if it can be painted with some sort of food safe enamel or glaze?

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  1. I had really hideous emerald green counters at my cottage. I would like to replace them one day but until then, I lightly sanded them and then painted them with Melamine paint. When they were dry, I set everything (coffee pot, toaster etc) on tea towels for 2 weeks so it would have time to cure and not get scratched. I also laid a towel on it with a big cutting borad on top for 2 weeks. I think it needs time to cure very well. I did have to touch up an area and it blended right in. I am quite picky and I really think it looks quite good to tide you over.