Wednesday, January 6, 2010

white and bright

Lately I just feel all amore when I see spaces that are saturated with lot's of light and white. I don't now what it is. Maybe it's like a relfection of the way it looks outside at the moment. So calm, quiet and crisp. It's the best! It's the only time of year when it's ok to be a virtual shut-in because it's just so cold. By the way if I was the lucky owner of the kitchen in the first image I don't think I'd ever leave it.
images via here


  1. Gorgeous to have that much light that you don't have to turn a switch on! So refreshing!


  2. Oh wow, I loved all of them so very much.

    Thanks for posting, such a cute blog you following! :-)

  3. Oh that first picture is my favorite! I want that one. Hope you are staying warm and safe.

  4. Love the first picture!! the kitchen is stunning!! Hope you are well