Wednesday, April 29, 2009

serene workspaces

I'm in deep, deep love with the idea of having just a quiet little stretch of wall space somewhere in my home where I can sit and perhaps pen a letter to my grandmother, or zone out and scour all my favorite blogs. I think it's important to have that spot.
images courtesy of house beautiful


  1. I've always wanted a small workspace as well.. but just cant seem to fit it in somewhere.

    Love all the pics.. Just so beautifully done!

  2. Id take any of the above spaces, they are such gorgeous pictures, I can only imagine by just sitting in those spots what inspiration would flow in, so beautiful and inspiring. I want a space like that, but its rare for places outside of millionare homes haha to have just such free space to do that. But I think we can make the most of even a little spot, there are ways of opening a place up... I feel a project coming on in my place hahah <3

  3. The new house we're building has an open area in the middle of the upstairs that we're going to use for a desk...I'm so excited. :) Thanks for the pics!

    Oooh and I still need to send you my address for the pay it forward. :)

  4. love them! esp the first one! I can't wait to have a little desk space in my new house! if we ever get in there! ;)